3M™ 6200 mask


Half reusable mask.

Medium size.

To combine with 2 light filters that are attached to the face piece by means of a bayonet type adjustment.

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19,75 € ( 16,32 € tax excl. )

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KIND OF PRODUCTMasks and spare parts

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Low maintenance, economical, simple and lightweight 3M ™ half mask with a 3M bayonet connection with a flexible system that allows protection filters against particles, gases and vapors to be coupled, according to the needs of each moment.

Made of lightweight elastomeric material for comfort during long periods of work. The double filter design offers less resistance to breathing. Its low profile design almost eliminates interference in the field of vision. Thanks to the suspension of the head harness support, a comfortable fit is offered, with a band with a quick-to-use closure.

3M 6000 series facial parts can be used with a wide range of filters and options:

• Gas and vapor filters - The 6000 series filters are directly coupled to the 6000 series half mask face piece.

• Particle filters - The 2000 series particle filters are also directly coupled to the 6000 series half mask. The 5911. 5925 and 5935 filters can be used by themselves with the 603 platform and the 50l retainer.

• Combination of filters for gases, vapors and particles. - The 5000 series can be used with filters for gases and vapors of the 6000 series (except with filters 6098 or 6099) using the 501 retainer.

Note: Filters 6098 and 6099 should not be used with 6000 series half mask face pieces.


The 6000 series half mask face pieces meet the basic safety requirements set out in Articles 10 and 11B of the Directive (of the European Community 89/686 / EEC (transposed in Spain to RD 1407/1992), therefore bear CE marking .


EN136: 1998, EN140: 1998, EN141: 2000, EN143: 2000 / A1: 2006, EN14387: 2004

The filters are sold separately.
All the information of the 3M 6200 masks in the attached data sheet.


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