Telescopic pole in carbon fiber - LENGTH: up to 7,25meters


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KIND OF PRODUCTTelescopic pole
MATERIALCarbon fiber
CLAMP TYPEnylon lever

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Pole composed of carbon fiber tubes with mesh view, made entirely with high quality carbon fiber. It is real carbon fiber, pressed and cured in the oven.

The union of the tubes is made with nylon clamps, adjustable with screws and easily replaceable. The diameter of this pole goes from major to minor and the sections can be stored inside each other, adapting it in each case to the desired length.

If you are looking for a lightweight and extensible pole, this is the solution. You will not find a lighter and more resistant option. You can use it with different accessories.

Perfect for:

- Cleaning.

- Pruning

- Fumigation.

- Filming (image and sound).

- Advertising.

- Probes

- Etc.

If you want the sections to measure less than 2 meters, we can send them cut to the desired length. The price will be the same.

Carbon fiber is an electrically conductive material, so you have to take into account the necessary preventive measures depending on its use. It is recommended to use the fiberglass grip section to serve as an insulator.

Look at the attached photos if you want to see exactly what you are buying.


Carbon fiber tube for telescopic pole (23mm, external Ø - 20mm, inner Ø) 2000mm.

Model T1PT2

Nylon clamp for joining tubes 23mm. Ø outside + 26.5mm. Ø outside

Model Abrazadera-A

Carbon fiber tube for telescopic pole (26,5mm, external Ø - 23,5mm, inner Ø) 2000mm.

Model T2PT2

Nylon clamp for joining tubes 26,5mm. Ø outside + 30mm. Ø outside

Model Abrazadera-B

Carbon fiber tube for telescopic pole (30mm, external Ø - 27mm, inner Ø) 2000mm.

Model T3PT2

Nylon clamp for joining tubes 30mm. Ø outside + 33,5mm. Ø outside

Model Abrazadera-C

Carbon fiber tube for telescopic pole (33,5mm, external Ø - 30,5mm, inner Ø) 2000mm.

Model T4PT2


Extended total length: 7250mm. (Tolerance ± 10mm.)

Total length collected: 2100mm. (Tolerance ± 10mm.)

Outside diameter of the larger pipe: 33,5mm. (Tolerance ± 0.2mm.)

Wall of the tubes: 1.5mm. (Tolerance ± 0.2mm.)

Total weight: 1600gr. (Tolerance ± 100gr.)

Fiber: carbon 3K 200 gr / m2 Fabric Twill 2x2 (Twill)

Resin: Epoxy

Orientation of the fibers: Bidirectional

If you need a pole with another length, diameter or thickness, do not hesitate to contact us, we can manufacture it.


All our tubes admit a certain tolerance in their measurements, this comes from the necessary cuts and the manufacturing process itself. They can then present in some cases irregular edges that in no case affect the quality of them, but if the size.
Although we always try to send our tubes with a size equal to or greater than the one offered, which we do in 90% of cases, remember that there is a reasonable margin for which we will not accept claims.
For this reason, and to avoid misunderstandings, if you need an extremely precise tube in the cut or size, do not hesitate to let us know at the time of placing your order so we can take it into account.

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