CoreLite® PVC 60
CoreLite® PVC 60
CoreLite® PVC 60
CoreLite® PVC 60

CoreLite® PVC 60 Thickness 3 mm. - 2450 x 1150 mm.

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Closed cell PVC foam panel.

Core material for sandwich constructions.

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CoreLite ® PVC is a universal closed cell cross-linked polymer foam formulated to provide durability, strength and high processing temperatures. It is compatible with most resins and manufacturing processes.

It has a very low water absorption rate and excellent chemical resistance. Ideal for high performance composite applications.

It is ideal for use as the core of sandwich structures that are subjected to loads. It is very light, with good resistance to compression and rigidity, resistance to rot, to vibration and with little capillary absorption due to its closed-cell structure, also being very suitable for humid climates.

Foam boards can be easily cut, drilled and glued with different types of resins and hardeners.


  • Good thermal insulation.

  • Good sound insulation.

  • Good mechanical properties.

  • Low resin absorption


  • Contact and projection molding

  • Vacuum infusion

  • Resin injection

  • Glued with adhesives

  • Prepeg up to 80º

  • Thermoforming


  • Length: 2450 mm. (Tolerance ±10mm.)

  • Width: 1150 mm. (Tolerance ±10mm.)

  • Thickness: 3 mm. (Tolerance ±0.2mm.)

  • Yellow color


Decks, interiors, floors and hulls of ships; molds; blades and nacelles of wind generators; structural panels in aviation, construction panels, tanks...etc.


Given the dimensions and fragility of the product, shipments outside the Iberian Peninsula must be processed individually, so if you are interested in this product, you should contact us at:

All our plates admit a certain tolerance in their measurements, this is given by the necessary cuts. In some cases, then, they can present irregular edges that in no case affect their quality, but do affect their size.
Minor edge damage from shipping is possible despite quality packaging.
CoreLite® PVC 60
3 mm.

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