Carbon fiber rod commercial sample (Variable size)



SIZE: Approximately 10cm. long and variable diameter (If you need a specific diameter or thickness, do not hesitate to let us know)


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Solid carbon fiber rod, bar or tube made entirely of high quality carbon fiber and epoxy resin.

It is real carbon fiber mixed with epoxy resin and pultruded. With constant thickness, great straightness, very high hardness, very little weight and with a very low coefficient of expansion, being an ideal material for the construction of frames, trusses and for use as a reinforcing material.

Because the bars are fundamental pillars, they find great utility in the construction of engineering and high-performance structures, and they work very well in conjunction with other laminated carbon fiber products such as our tubes or sheets.

The rods are easy to work with. They can be cut with a bandsaw, jigsaw, radial, milling cutter, or Dremmel. They are also easily sanded.

As they are made with an epoxy matrix, they will be able to stick easily with two-component epoxy-based adhesives.

Made with a low percentage of resin.

Look at the photos if you want to see exactly what you are buying.


Length: About 100mm. (Tolerance ± 10mm.)
Outside Diameter: Variable (We send you random size)
Weight: Variable (We send you one size at random)
Heat resistant (thermal stability 180º)
Very flexible
HM carbon fiber with Epoxy resin
Made by pultrusion
Since these rods are made of 100% carbon fiber, with a very constant thickness and very little weight, they are perfect for precision or structural work.




No claims for the size of the samples will be accepted. Since its purpose is only to know the product, the exact measurements are not guaranteed, we will also try to send samples of measurements similar to those indicated, but in any case, these may vary.

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