Adhesive real carbon fiber plate - 1,5 mm. thickness


THICKNESS: 1,5 mm.

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  • 500 x 400 mm.
  • 250 x 400

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MATERIALCarbon fiber

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Adhesive real carbon fiber plate, with high quality 3M adhesive.

Nothing to do with adhesive carbon imitations like sticker or vinyl.

It is real carbon fiber, combined with a 3M adhesive, which allows us to adapt it easily to any surface, always depending on the thickness of the plate. We can apply the adhesive to any of our plates.

Thinner thicknesses make it an extremely flexible and adaptable but non-mouldable plate, always preserving the aesthetics of real carbon, with its characteristic highlights and reflections that make it unique and inimitable. In addition, they are very easy to cut, a simple scissors will suffice, and only find its limitation in very closed or sharp angles, where it will not be possible to paste it.

This product allows us to incorporate carbon in a really economic way in places where cuts or complicated forms are required that would be impossible or very expensive to make in carbon completely.

Look at the photos  if you want to see exactly what you are buying.


Carbon fiber 3K 200 gr / m2 Twill fabric 2x2 (Twill)

Orientation of the fibers: 0º / 90º (Bidirectional)


All our sheets admit a certain tolerance in their measurements, this is given by the necessary cuts and the manufacturing process itself. They can then present in some cases irregular edges that in no case affect the quality of them, but if the size.
Although we always try to send our sheets with a size equal to or greater than the one offered, which we do in 90% of cases, remember that there is a reasonable margin for which we will not accept claims.
For this reason, and to avoid misunderstandings, if you need a very precise sheet in the cut or size, do not hesitate to let us know at the time of placing your order so we can take it into account.




You can buy a sample to see and touch the product at an economical price and with only € 1 of shipping costs.

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