Commercial sample carbon fiber plate + glass - 50 x 50 x 2.5 mm.


Carbon fiber on both sides and fiberglass interior. Pressed and cured in the oven.

Carbon aesthetics with good properties and a lower price.

Dimensions: 50x50 mm. (APPROXIMATE MEASURE)

Thickness: 2.5mm

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1,84 € ( 1,52 € tax excl. )

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Plate with two-sided carbon fiber finish, with inner fiberglass filling until reaching the indicated thickness.

It is real carbon fiber, combined with fiberglass, to get an iron that offers us all the aesthetics of authentic carbon fiber at a really affordable price.

This plate does not reach the quality and performance of a 100% carbon plate, but it is an interesting option for applications that are not so demanding and that require a tighter price.

Because carbon fiber is conductive of electricity, it is not an iron recommended for work with electrical insulation, however, it is perfect for structural work, given the consistency and characteristics of both fibers and with a 100% carbon aesthetic.

Look at the attached photos if you want to see exactly what you are buying.


  • Dimensions: 50mm. x 50mm (APPROXIMATE MEASURE)

  • Thickness: 2.5mm (Tolerance ± 0.2mm.)

  • Weight: gr (Tolerance ± gr.)

  • Heat-resistant

  • Epoxy Resin

  • Carbon fiber 3K 200 gr / m2 Twill fabric 2x2 (Twill)

  • Woven fiberglass 200 gr / m2 (Style G10)

  • Fiber orientation: 0º / 90º (Bidirectional)

Since these plates admit a certain tolerance both in their measurements and in their thicknesses, we indicate them for mostly aesthetic works, recommending for double-sided and structural work, our double-sided plates and 100% carbon percentage.

Claims for sample size will not be accepted. Because its purpose is only to know the product, exact measurements are not guaranteed, we will also try to send samples of measurements similar to those indicated, but in any case, these may vary.


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