Commercial sample G10 plate 100% fiberglass - 50 x 50 x 3 mm.


100% glass fiber with epoxy resin. Pressed and cured in the oven.

Dimensions: 50x50 mm. (APPROXIMATE MEASURE)

Thickness: 3mm

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G10 100% real fiberglass sheet, made entirely with layers of high quality fiberglass fabric with epoxy resin. Pressed and cured in the oven. With constant and light thickness. Black color.


  • Dimensions: 50mm. x 50mm (APPROXIMATE MEASURE)

  • Thickness: 3mm (Tolerance ± 0.2mm.)

  • Weight: gr (Tolerance ± gr.)

  • Thermal stability: 130º

  • Resistibility: 2.0 x 10⁸mΩ

  • Dielectric breakdown: 60kW

  • Dielectric constant (1MHz): 4.6

  • Dissipation Factor (1MHz): 0.017

  • Flexural strength: LW 580n-mm² CW 490n-mm²

  • Electric arc resistance: 135s

Characterized by good dielectric properties, it also has very good mechanical properties up to temperatures of 130º, high mechanical resistance and minimal moisture absorption. For all this they are perfect for jobs in which electrical and / or thermal insulation is sought, as well as for jobs in humid environments and jobs where mechanical stresses must be supported.



Claims for sample size will not be accepted. Because its purpose is only to know the product, exact measurements are not guaranteed, we will also try to send samples of measures similar to those indicated, but in any case, these may vary.


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