Square fiber carbon tube, outer (8x8 mm.) - interior (7x7mm.) - Length 1000 mm.
Square fiber carbon tube, outer (8x8 mm.) - interior (7x7mm.) - Length 1000 mm.

Square fiber carbon tube, outer (8x8 mm.) - interior (7x7mm.) - Length 1000 mm.

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LENGTH: 1000mm.

8x8 mm square exterior. and square interior 7x7 mm.

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Square outer and square interior tube

Carbon fiber square tube, made entirely of high quality carbon fiber. It is real carbon fiber, pressed and cured in the oven. With constant thickness, very high hardness and very little weight. If what you are looking for are the benefits of the carbon tube, this is your product. If you need a tube with other lengths, diameters or thicknesses, do not hesitate to contact us, we can manufacture it.

Look at the pictures if you want to see exactly what you are buying.


Length: 1000mm. (Tolerance ± 10mm.)

Outside diameter: 8x8mm. (Tolerance ± 0.2mm.)

Internal diameter: 7x7mm. (Tolerance ± 0.2mm.)

Weight: 26gr. (Tolerance ± 5gr.)

Resistant to heat (Thermal stability 180º)

Orientation of the fibers: Unidirectional

Since these tubes are made of 100% carbon fiber, and with a very constant thickness, they are perfect for precision or structural work.


All our tubes admit a certain tolerance in their measurements, this comes from the necessary cuts and the manufacturing process itself. They can then present in some cases irregular edges that in no case affect the quality of them, but if the size.
Although we always try to send our tubes with a size equal to or greater than the one offered, which we do in 90% of cases, remember that there is a reasonable margin for which we will not accept claims.
For this reason, and to avoid misunderstandings, if you need an extremely precise tube in the cut or size, do not hesitate to let us know at the time of placing your order so we can take it into account.
Carbon fiber
1000 mm.

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