HMPE multilayer fabric kit for hunting dog protection. 160x100 cm


Light and effective protection at the best price !!!

- 1 same material, HMPE.

- 2 fabrics, felt and bidirectional.

- 160x100 cm. of each tissue.

- Between 8 and 12 layers in total. (Depends on the pattern and size of the dog)

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69,90 € ( 57,77 € tax excl. )

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HMPE fabric kit for hunting dog protection.

With this product you are buying 160x100 cm. HMPE fabric bidirectional and 160x100 cm. made of felt HMPE fabric.

The superposition of layers is the principle of dissipation of force in the impacts that leads to bulletproof vests to be effective, following this same principle, we propose this combination of fabrics for the creation of protective vests for hunting dogs.

For this purpose we use a felt with very good anti-penetration properties combined with a bidirectional fabric designed for cut protection. Both fabrics are formed by HMPE, technologically advanced material, lightweight and highly resistant to cutting and penetration thanks to its high modulus.

After carrying out several tests we have concluded that depending on the weight of the dog, between 4 and 6 layers of each tissue are necessary to obtain a very high level of protection.

With the supplied material, 160x100 cm. of each material should be sufficient to make the pattern of between 8 and 12 layers depending on the size of the dog.

The level of protection must be adjusted for a compromise between lightness and mobility.

The felt layers must be arranged on the outside of the vest, leaving the two-way fabric on the inside.

- Felt layers, for every 160x100 cm. They leave between 4 and 6 layers depending on the size of the dog.

- Bidirectional layers, per 160x100 cm. They leave between 4 and 6 layers depending on the size of the dog.

It is recommended to add an outer layer of visible and waterproof fabric to protect from water, this fabric does not need to have a protective function.

The sewing of the different layers must be perimetral, to allow the layers to slide in case of aggression and thus increase the degree of protection

A light dog should need less layers than a heavier one, since upon receiving the impact, the light dog will move more and will dissipate the force better than a heavier one. In the same way a light dog will have less strength and therefore will appreciate in its movements a less heavy protection.

Being a cut resistant material, it becomes complicated to make and remove the patterns, but this presentation in thin layers makes this task more bearable.


These tissues serve as protection given their good qualities in the face of aggressions, but they do not exempt the prudence and common sense that each one should apply to avoid accidents.

Likewise, to obtain adequate protection, several layers of fabric must be used or different fabrics combined, ALWAYS being under the responsibility of the client the use made of these.

Therefore, Clipcarbono is not responsible in ANY case for any possible damage suffered by our customers during the use of our products.

We supply fabrics for manufacturing protective elements, in no case do we supply finished and approved products for specific activities.

This product is recommended for dog protection, based on estimates and does not imply any kind of guarantee against possible damages, always leaving the decision of the number of layers to be applied to achieve optimum protection.

If you want to protect people, you must reconsider the number of layers to apply to achieve the desired level of protection. This calculation is entirely on the client side, being the latter responsible for the use given to these materials.


  • Composition: 100% HMPE (both fabrics)

  • HMPE felt weight: 210gr / m2

  • HMPE bidirectional weight: 130gr / m2

  • NOT fire resistant material

  • Roll width: 1600 mm.

  • Length: from 100 cm. up to 100 meters

  • White color.


The felt HMPE is presented in roll up to 100 meters.

The bidirectional HMPE is presented in pieces of 1.6 x 3.2 meters

If you want a small quantity, remember that we have commercial samples at your disposal in the sample category.


The tissue will be sent rolled up on a cardboard tube to avoid deforming the mesh.


Our fabrics are cut directly from the roll, and although we are very careful when working with them, when it comes to small quantities they can present some moved thread, wrinkles or manipulation signs, and we will not accept claims for this reason.





You can buy a sample to see and touch the product at an economical price and with only € 1 of shipping costs.


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