Cut-resistant fabric for clothing and protections - 310gr / m2 - Width 1600mm.





Fire (-)

Cut (*****)

Abrasion (**)


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WIDTH1600 mm.

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Cut-resistant fabric 310 gr / m2.

Ideal for high performance applications where high protection is required against cuts with a reduced weight.

It provides protection with a cut resistant product and perfect to use combined with other fabrics as it is not very suitable to be in contact with the skin.

Perfect for protection against aggressions with a knife, cuts with crystals, knives, aggressions of animals, etc.

Both for whole garments and to reinforce certain areas.

Look at the photos and the attached video if you want to see exactly what you are buying.


These tissues serve as protection given their good qualities in the face of aggressions, but they do not exempt the prudence and common sense that each one must apply to avoid accidents.

Likewise, in many occasions to obtain adequate protection, several layers of fabric must be used or different fabrics combined, ALWAYS being under the responsibility of the client the use made of these.

Therefore, Clipcarbono is not responsible in ANY case for any possible damage suffered by our customers during the use of our products.


  • Weight: 310gr / m2 (Tolerance ± 15gr.)

  • Composition: 48% HMPE, 12% Fiberglass, 24% Polyester,

  • 16% Elastane

  • Resistant to fire (-), cutting (*****) and abrasion (**) - (CNAS Certificate)

  • It is flexible and somewhat elastic thanks to elastane, although it is not very pleasant to the touch with the skin.

  • Anticorte, for being very thin it is recommended to use several layers until obtaining the necessary protection.

  • Roll width: 1600 mm.

  • Length: from 50 cm. up to 100 meters

  • Color: Mix of black and white


Very suitable for protection against cutting by cutting edge, glass, knives, scissors, etc. It is advised to avoid continued direct contact with skin.

Being a very thin fabric, it is recommended to adjust the level of protection by adding as many layers as deemed necessary.


We can serve you this product in rolls of up to 100 linear meters.

If you want a small quantity, remember that we have commercial samples at your disposal in the sample category.


Our fabrics are cut directly from the roll, and although we are very careful when working with them, when it comes to small quantities they can present some moved thread, wrinkles or manipulation signs, and we will not accept claims for this reason.





You can buy a sample to see and touch the product at an economical price and with only € 1 of shipping costs.


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