Kit de tejidos multicapa HMPE para protección de perros de caza. 160x100 cm. View larger

Commercial sample HMPE felt cut resistant for clothing and protections 210 gr / m2 - 20x25 cm.


SIZE: 200X250 mm.



Fire (-)

Cut (*****)

Abrasion (**)

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With this product you are buying 20x25 cm. made of felt HMPE fabric.

It is a technologically advanced material, lightweight and highly resistant to cutting and penetration thanks to its high modulus.

Ideal for high performance applications where complete protection is required against cuts, abrasions or friction with a reduced weight.

It provides protection with a soft, warm, thick and economical product, perfect to use alone or in combination with other fabrics to be pleasant to the touch with the skin.

Application as protection against aggressions with a white weapon, aggressions of animals, falls with friction or abrasion such as those that occur on motorcycles, etc.

Both to interweave and to isolate or reinforce certain areas.

Look at the photos if you want to see exactly what you are buying.

These tissues serve as protection given their good qualities in the face of aggressions, but they do not exempt the prudence and common sense that each one must apply to avoid accidents.
Likewise, in many occasions to obtain adequate protection, several layers of fabric must be used or different fabrics combined, ALWAYS being under the responsibility of the client the use made of these.
Therefore, Clipcarbono is not responsible in ANY case for any possible damage suffered by our customers during the use of our products.


  • Weight: 210gr / m2 (Tolerance ± 15gr.).

  • Composition: 100% HMPE.

  • Resistance to fire (-), cutting (*****) and abrasion (**).

  • Fluffy, warm and thick.

  • Roll width: 1600 mm.

  • Length: from 100 cm. up to 100 meters

  • White color.


Internal reinforcement of garments where comfort is important and good protection against cuts or aggressions is required.

Filling between fabrics, its good price and thickness make it very suitable to obtain a good thickness with few layers and therefore a good protection and insulation without this implying a very high weight.

Claims for sample size will not be accepted. Because its purpose is only to know the product, exact measurements are not guaranteed, we will also try to send samples of measurements similar to those indicated, but in any case, these may vary.

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