Sample of unidirectional carbon fiber 50K 80gr/m² - 250 x 200 mm.


SIZE: 250 x 200 mm.


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Sample of unidirectional non-woven carbon fiber 50K 80gr/m².

Without crimping, fastening the filaments on the back of the fabric with a light polyester mesh.

Very striking and great qualities both mechanical and aesthetic.

Ideal for high performance applications where high mechanical strength and low weight are required.

Perfect to combine with epoxy resins through hand contact, infusion or RTM.

(Remember that if you want the resin or any product necessary to work with these fabrics we can supply it.)

Look at the attached photos if you want to see exactly what you are buying.


Size: 250 x 200 mm. (APPROXIMATE MEASURE)

Weight: 80gr/m² (Tolerance ± 10gr.)

Thread type: 50K (50000 filaments per strand)

Orientation of the fibers: 0º (Unidirectional)

No claims will be accepted due to the size of the samples. Because its purpose is only to know the product, the exact measurements are not guaranteed, we will also try to send samples of similar measures to those indicated, but in any case, these may vary.

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