To complete our wide catalog of products already manufactures and ready to ship, we offer you a series of industrial and post-processing services that will be very useful in order to make projects, both professional and private, a reality.

Do not hesitate to tell us about any need you may have, rest assured that we will do everything possible to meet your needs.

CNC machining

Precisión machining of composite products is a specialty and requires expertise, special tools and safe, dust-free production areas. We have it and we offer it to you.

All our standard products can be machines by CNC (Computer Numerical Control)

If you need us to do this type of work such as cuts, drills, grooves, engravings, countersinks, slots, chamfers, edging, bevelling, etc. not hesitate in ask us a budget.

Even for the complex parts that we manufacture with molds, we can perform these machining with the help of auxiliary tools.

You will be able to take advantage of all our experiencie, knowledge means and human team to carry out your projects. Something very appreciated in a product as particular when it comes to being worked as are the composites.

We have a wide range of milling machines capable of working in dimensiones up to 6000x1200 mm. This allows us to attend from the simplest or single-piece prototypes to the most complex jobs or large productions.

Do you want to carry out a CNC cutting project with us?

You only have to send us the files of what you need trying to indicate or fulfill the following:

  • File in .DWG, .DXF, .STEP, .STP o .IGS format.
  • PDF file with dimensiones and tolerance (In case a specific quality control is required)
  • Radius required for inside or specific cuts.
  • Possible bevels or countersunk.
  • Cajeados with its depths.
  • Specific tolerances less than +/- 0,15 mm

And if your cutting project has dimensiones less than  400x250 mm. And it meets a series of requirements, you do not need a budget, you can place the order directly here:

Post processing

In addition to the CNC Cutting and machining service, we also offer you other complementary services do that you can fully carry out your projects with us.

Along with our wide range of joining systems, where you will find connectors, inserts, clamps and other accesories to create structures, you will be able to create all kinds of solutions to meet your needs.

And to help you with this, we offer you the following services, carried out by profesional, with the right tools and without you having to worry about dirt or personal protection.


We can cut tubos, plates, rods, plates, panel, etc. for you with the dimensions you indicate.

Keep in mind that cutting tolerances on composites are generally higher than aluminum or steel.


Holes of the required dimensiones in tubes or sheets, with manual or mechanical precision according to your needs.


We prepare your pieces to be glued when you receive them or for any other application that requires it.


We have a wide selection of adhesives and the experience to use them. Forget about wasting started adhesives, having to clean or not knowing how to do a job, we do it for you.

Printing and labeling

Do your want your logo on the pieces? 

Do you need annotations, numerical scales, images, etc.?

Ask for it and we do it. And yes, we can varnish on top so that it lasts for the life of the piece. 

Varnished and painted

If your work requires it, we will varnish or paint your pieces, to protect them or to give them the aesthetic you are looking for, gloss, matte, colors, ask for what you are looking for and together we will find the solution.


Designing and building structures requires time, space, tools, and experience.

If you want, you can leave the assembly part to us and you can focus on the design.

If you want a turnkey, we do it for you, in addition to everything we have told you that we can do, we can also assemble your entire project and shape it to where you require it.

If the assembly needs tools, we will manufacture them, and if you pose a new challenge for us, know that we will do everything possible to offer you solutions.

We love that, giving solutions.