Do you need a specific product that requires molds that we don't have?

Don´t worry, we can probably do it.

In addition to manufacturan our standard products, we can manufacture your personalized parts for you with any of the different techniques or technologies available to us.

If we need molds we will make them, composite or metal, simple or complex, positive, negative, open or closed, for prototypes or large runs.

And to make your pieces, we will use the technique and equipment that best suits:

  • Closed mold
  • Autoclave
  • Empty
  • Lamination
  • Prepeg
  • Owen
  • Press
  • Winding (Roll wrapping)
  • winding (Filament winding)
  • Pultrusion

We help you in the design phase

Since carbon composites are subjetc to different design rules than those applied to other more traditional materials, such as metal or wood, we invite you to involve us at an early stage in the development of a new product.

Upon receipt of a design inquiry or proposal, we will first assess its feasibility, and then begin the design process.

Whether you have a new project that starts from scratch or you want to convertido an existing product into a composite solution, we will accompany you along the way.

In the design pase, we will determine the best production method, necessary tolling, and testing methods.

We will always do it thinking that the products, in addition to designing them, must be manufactured, and knowing that a product that is easy to manufacture Is cheaper and of higher quality than one that is difficult to make.

If you have imagined it, do not hesitate, ask us.

Most likely together we will be able to do it.