Nylon clamp for connecting sections in modular poles


To join two sections of 40.5 mm. Ø outside

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8,85 € ( 7,31 € tax excl. )

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Adjustable clamp with double screw (similar to staple, flange or wing nut) in black nylon.

Valid for mast, pole, pole or modular pole as fixing, fastening or lock.

Fast release and very little weight.

It has the function of tightening so that there are no gaps or movements between the two tubes.

If a superior grip is desired, the fixed part of the clamp can be attached to the larger diameter tube.

You can see the clamp on the photo to see its finishes.


* Dimensions: 4 cm. High.

* Weight: 40 gr.

All our pieces admit a certain tolerance in their measurements so we will not accept claims in this regard.
The adjustment of the clamps must be done by means of the screws and bearing in mind that an excessive tightening will cause a bad sliding of the pipes or even the breaking of the clamp, and a poor tightening will cause a bad fixing of the pipes.