Para-Aramid thread bobin (Kevlar) for clothing and protections


Weight: 200 gr. per bobin

Length: 3000 meters of thread per bobin


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36,78 € ( 30,40 € tax excl. )

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Para-Aramid thread for clothing and protection.

Para-Aramid thread bobin 30S/3 (It is the caliber that has the thread according to the English nomenclature, the first number represents the stretches that the fiber has had when the thread is being elaborated, so the bigger the number the thinner it will be the thread, the number that is after the diagonal represents the number of ends that make up the thread, in such a way that the 30S/3 has undergone thirty draws and has three ends).


  • Resistant to high temperatures: Maintains 70% strength of the strands after being at 260ºC for 1,000 hours.

  • Excellent fire resistance: With the limiting oxygen index (LOI) above 28%, it does not burn, melt or drip. At temperatures above 370ºC, it will begin to carbonize and decompose without the release of harmful gas. Self-extinguishing.

  • Resistant to chemical products: Resistant to stronger inorganic acid, excellent resistance to alkalis at room temperature.

  • Good textile properties: Low rigidity and high tenacity, very good mechanical properties.

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