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Bobin of Kevlar fiber thread 805TEX


Meters per bobin: 100.

Flat thread with a width of 5.5mm approx. and a thickness of 0.07mm. approx.


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23,46 € ( 19,39 € tax excl. )

23,46 €

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QuantityPrice Ahorra
A partir de 2 unidades 22,29 € (IVA incluido) Ahorra un 5%
A partir de 5 unidades 19,94 € (IVA incluido) Ahorra un 15%
A partir de 10 unidades 18,77 € (IVA incluido) Ahorra un 20%

Data sheet

KIND OF PRODUCTPara- Aramid thread bobin

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Kevlar fiber thread bobbin

Bobin of Kevlar fiber thread belonging to a family of high strength carbon fibers.


  • Meters per bobin: 100.

  • Thread width: 5.5mm.

  • Weight: 0,805 g/m

  • Density: approx. 1.45 g/cm³

  • Tensile strength: approx. 2,880 MPa

  • Traction Module: approx. 100 GPa

  • Elongation at break: 2.8%


Reinforcement in high performance composite materials.


We can serve this product in 100 meter linear bobins.

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