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Carbon fiber thread Tenax-E HTS40 24K 1600TEX


You can buy thread from 10 meters.

Flat thread with a width of 6mm approx. and a thickness of 0.3 mm. approx.


Depending on the meters you choose, we will apply a discount on the price of the product.

You can see the discount applied to your shopping cart before making the payment.

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0,68 € ( 0,56 € tax excl. )

This product is not sold individually. You must select at least 10 quantity for this product.

Volume discounts

QuantityPrice Ahorra
A partir de 20 unidades 0,61 € (IVA incluido) Ahorra un 10%
A partir de 50 unidades 0,54 € (IVA incluido) Ahorra un 20%
A partir de 100 unidades 0,48 € (IVA incluido) Ahorra un 30%

Data sheet

KIND OF PRODUCTThread by meters

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Carbon fiber thread

Carbon fiber thread belonging to a family of high strength and aerospace grade carbon fibers.


Weight per bobin: 2kg.

Meters per bobin: 1250.

Weight per meter of thread: 2 gr.

Thread thickness: 6mm.

Tensile strength: 4300 MPa

Traction module: 240 GPa

Elongation: 1.8%

Density: 1.77 g / cm³

Diameter of filament: 7 μ

Electrical resistivity: 1.6 x 10-3 ohm. cm.


Reinforcement in high performance composite materials.


We can serve this product by meters from a minimum of 10 meters.

Check our discounts for quantity.

If what you want is more quantity, remember that we also sell this same product for coils with a more adjusted price.


Our fabrics are cut directly from the roll, and although we are very careful when working with them, in the case of small quantities they may present some moved yarn, wrinkles or signs of manipulation, and we will not accept claims for this reason. In quantities greater than 10 meters we send in rolls, which guarantees a perfect conservation of the mesh.

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