Coremat® XM Thickness 4 mm. - 500 x 500 mm.


Central layer of fabric composed of polyester fibers with 50% of Microspheres that provides additional features to laminates.

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KIND OF PRODUCTCOREMAT® Polyester fiber fabric with 50% microspheres

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Coremat® is a fabric composed of polyester fibers with 50% of Microspheres.

These 40 micron diameter microspheres behave like rubber microballoons when subjected to pressure, giving additional characteristics to the laminates, such as superior flexibility, chemical resistance and temperature. All accompanied by a lower weight.

Coremat adds properties to PRFC laminates that clearly distinguish it from conventional laminates, including:

  • Superior impact resistance

  • Increase thermal insulation.

  • Lower weight

  • Stiffness / weight ratio is 200 to 300% higher than conventional laminates

  • Save costs

  • Produces large laminates without ripples and very good presentation: smoother and smoother surfaces

  • Very easy to process


  • Thickness: 4 mm

  • Length: 500 mm

  • Width: 500 mm

  • Resin uptake: 2 kg / m2

  • Dry weight: 140 g / m2

  • Density impregnated: 540 kg / m³


Although we always try to send our cores with a size equal to or greater than the one offered, which we do in 90% of cases, remember that there is a reasonable margin for which we will not accept claims.
For this reason, and to avoid misunderstandings, if you need any very precise core in the cut or size, do not hesitate to let us know at the time of placing your order so that we can take it into account.

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