Epoxy Bicomponent Adhesive Araldite 2031-1 50 ml.



WORKING TIME: Slow, 60 minutes 

CURING TIME: see attached technical sheet

IMPORTANT: For the use of this adhesive you need an applicator gun and single-use nozzles that you can buy as an accessory to this product.

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KIND OF PRODUCTComposite for metals

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Araldite® 2031-1

Araldite® 2031-1 is a bicomponent, room temperature curing epoxy adhesive that provides an elastic bond. It is thixotropic and does not pick up to 10 mm thickness. It is particularly suitable for bonding metal and composite, good adhesion in polyamides.


- Suitable for bonding metal and composite, good adhesion in polyamides.

- Thixotropic (does not pick up).

- Tenacious adhesive, elastic joint.

- High chemical resistance.

- Low shrinkage.


Color (visual): black paste

Density (g/cm3): 1.3 approx.

Viscosity (Pas): thixotropic

Usage time (100 g at 25°C): 60 minutes

Storage life (2-4 °C) (Unmixed): 3 years



The strength and durability of a joint together depend on the correct treatment of the surfaces to be joined. As a minimum, the surfaces to be joined must be cleaned with a quality degreasing agent, such as isopropanol, acetone, or registered degreasing agent to remove all traces of oil, grease and dirt.

You can buy our cleaning agent based on isopropanol as an accessory to this product.

Never use alcohol, gasoline (petroleum) or paint thinners.

The strongest and most durable joints are obtained either by mechanically abrading or by chemically attacking (degreasing) the degreased surfaces. After abrasion a second degreasing treatment should be carried out

Ratio of the mixture    Parts by weight    Parts by volume

Resin/A                                  100                        100

Hardener/B                            120                        100

The resin and the hardener must be mixed to form a homogeneous mixture with the help of the specific gun and the single-use nozzles.

Application of the adhesive

The resin / hardener mixture is applied with the specific gun for bicomponent application and a spatula to the pretreated and dry joint surfaces. With a layer of adhesive from 0.05 to 0.10 mm thick, the highest shear strength of the joint will be achieved.

The pieces to be joined must be assembled and fixed as soon as the adhesive has been applied. A uniform contact pressure throughout the joint area will ensure optimum curing.

You can buy both the gun and the necessary nozzles for the application of the adhesive as an accessory to this product.

Equipment maintenance

All utensils should be cleaned with hot water and soap before the adhesive residue has time to cure. The disposal of cured waste is a long and difficult task.

If solvents are used, such as acetone, for cleaning, operators should take appropriate precautions and, in addition, avoid any contact with the skin and eyes.


You can download the security sheet provided by the manufacturer below.



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