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Spray adhesive "Gfix2-VMR"


High performance spray adhesive designed specifically for the maintenance of composite fabrics such as carbon, carbon-kevlar, glass fabrics ... This adhesive spray will help to keep the fibers of the fabric together.

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Spray adhesive to spray on dry tissues before vacuum infusion, to make clean cuts of the fabrics before impregnation with the resin.

Professional product that does not alter the color of the fabric, with great covering power and that preserves intact the mechanical characteristics of the laminate.

How to use:

- Use on clean and dry surfaces.

- Shake the spray before use.

- Hold the spray vertically and spray a thin and uniform layer at a distance of about 20 cm.

- The sprayed adhesive must have a uniform satin appearance, not "wet" (if it appears wet, it will have to be sprayed at a greater distance).

- To obtain a stronger fixation, spray both surfaces.

- Wait about 3 minutes and then press the surfaces firmly.

- Make sure it is compatible with waxes, treatment of tissue surfaces ...

- After each use, drain the can upside down.

- Temperature: 18 ° C maximum

- Capacity: 500ml

- Consumption: approximately 30gr./m² (60 gr. when sticking on both sides.).

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