Absorption blanket 150 g/m²

Non-woven fabric made of polyester felt

Use as a resin and/or breathing bleeder layer:

  • Pre-impregnated vacuum bagging (autoclave and out of autoclave)

  • Wet bagging in vacuum

  • Typical use

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  • 50 x 50 cm.
  • 50 x 100 cm.
  • 50 x 150 cm.
  • 100 x 152 cm.

Data sheet

KIND OF PRODUCTManta de absorción

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The absorption blanket (bleeder-breather) allows the evacuation of the excess resin and/or the complete emptying of air from inside the vacuum bag, in addition to exerting a homogeneous vacuum pressure on the entire surface of the laminates.

In both applications, it is essential to separate the blower / blower layer from the laminate to prevent the material from being wetted by the resin and to become an immovable part of the laminate. This separation is achieved by placing the blanket on top of the peel ply and the perforated bleeder and before the vacuum bag.

The blanket is also sometimes applied on the back of the molds to avoid possible accidental punctures of the vacuum bag when packaging whole or complex molds.

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