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Hollow glass microspheres Q-CEL® 7019 - 150 gr


Low density additive to improve the performance of resins.

Hollow glass microspheres of 80 microns.

150 gr. (Plastic bucket with handle of 1,18 liters)

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The hollow glass microspheres are a low density additive to improve the performance of the resins, they are used to reduce the density of thermosetting type resins, thereby reducing the weight of the final product for which these resins are used.

Q-CEL ® 7019 is a white powder. Its density is 0.11 gr/cc. and a maximum working pressure of 500 psi. The average size of the particles is 80 microns.

The microspheres are also used for the production of filling paste.


They reduce the density of resins.

Improve processing and flow.

They increase the filling load.

They reduce the contraction.

Improves the sanding and mechanized.

Acoustic and thermal insulation.

Reduces resin cost.

Hydrophobic coating of the spheres.


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