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Synthetic rubber sealing tape preformed into ribbons of rectangular section to seal all types of vacuum bagging films.

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Synthetic rubber sealing tape preformed into ribbons of rectangular section. Its formula is specifically adapted to seal all types of films of vacuum bagging on molds and plates of any material. Its slightly higher than average tack and its high malleability make it easy to implement to obtain rapid vacuum integrity over a wide operating temperature range.


  • Solid content: 100%

  • Operating temperature: + 5ºC to + 40ºC

  • Max. Temperature of use (continuous): 100ºC

  • Max. Temperature of use (peak) bag to plate: 140ºC

  • Maximum temperature of use (peak) bag to bag: 160ºC

  • Non-toxic / Non-irritating


  • Ribbons of rectangular section.

  • Silicone backing paper

  • Section: 12 mm x 2.75 mm

  • Roll of 15 meters in length

The boxes should be placed on a flat surface. Keep the rolls inside the original packaging. Store at a temperature between 5ºC and 25ºC, do not refrigerate.


The surface of the mold must be clean, dry and free of grease and mold release agent. Apply the sealing tape directly from the roll with the backing paper upwards and press sufficiently along its entire length to achieve a good initial adhesion.

Avoid touching the tape with your fingers.

Press the vacuum film against the sealing tape while gradually removing the backing paper and pressing firmly along the seal seal. To avoid contamination of the surface of the mold with rubber residues, it is recommended to remove the sealing tape from the mold once it has cooled to room temperature (<40ºC).

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