Plates and sheets

Plates and sheets carbon fiber and / or Kevlar

In Clipcarbono we have the possibility of manufacturing different types of plates and sheets of carbon, kevlar and glass. Double-sided sheets made by hand 100% with carbon fiber and epoxy resin, pressed and cured with a low percentage of resin, which gives them high quality and performance.

They have a smooth finish on both sides that can be glossy or matt. We can make double-sided sheets up to 3000x1500 mm. and under the specifications of our customers. The double-sided plates can be used in a wide range of applications, including engineering, robotics, architecture, nautical, aerospace and all kinds of sports. The one-sided sheets made by cold rolling with a carbon layer and a fiberglass backing, which allows to maintain the carbon aesthetics with much more affordable prices. They have a smooth gloss finish on one side and rough irregular on the other. These single-sided plates are mainly recommended for aesthetic applications. We also make flexible sheets with gummy feel, perfect to protect against impacts and that can be completely folded without breaking. Both rigid and flexible sheets can be served with 3M adhesive on one side and easily applied as stickers.

Both rigid and flexible sheets are cured and can not be molded or re-adapted with new shapes, only the least thick ones can be flexed.