Rods, bars

Rod, bar, solid carbon fiber tube, epoxy

Exceptionally straight, rigid and light rods or bars with very low coefficient of expansion.

Ideal material for the construction of frames, trusses and for use as reinforcement material.

They are fundamental pillars that find great utility in the construction of engineering and high-performance structures. They work very well in conjunction with other laminated carbon fiber products such as our tubes or plates.

The rods are easy to work with. They can be cut with a band saw, jigsaw, radial, bur, or Dremmel. They are also easily sanded.

As they are made with an epoxy matrix, they can be glued easily with two-component epoxy-based adhesives.

Manufactured by pultrusion with a low percentage of resin.

We have different diameters and lengths. In case of not finding what you are looking for, ask us !!!